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!Ep8pui8Vw2 is public tripcode, with password #faggot

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14 November 2019 - Rebranding, fixes and new boards
Rodentchan becomes Rodentchad because why not?
Added boards:
  • /r/ - Requests
  • /t/ - Torrents
  • /fur/ - Furry
  • /s/ - Sexy Beautiful Women
  • /h/ - Hentai

  • Fixed theme changing, and later all boards will be upgraded to new DesuIB. Planning to add name, pass and email field saving.

    24 October 2019 - Rizon IRC channel

    If you want to contact my name is adl432

    23 October 2019 - Created pastebin-like service
    Currently supports:
  • moderating
  • title
  • nickname
  • list of pastes

  • 22 October 2019 - BREAKING OLDS
    imageboard culture is still dying

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